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ImageClass 733Cdw has stopped printing from PC, but prints from laptop


I have a Canon ImageCLASS 733Cdw. My computer is an Acer using Windows 10. The printer has worked fine since I got it in August 2017. Last week, it stopped printing when I would send printing jobs from my PC computer, which is my main computer. It will still print from my laptop. It did not give me an error message outright. It just didn’t print. There is plenty of paper and ink.  When I looked settings, then printer settings on the computer it would then say error printing job and list the jobs in the que.  My first action was to delete those items and retry. Did not help. Next, tried help from the computer’s printer help. It checked the spooling, then said it was fixed. It was not. Retried all those steps again. No help. Turned off printer then unplugged it. Did not help. Still would not print. Restarted computer. No help. Unplugged both computer and printer, waited, then restarted. Did not help. Uninstalled printer drivers, then went to Canon and reinstalled. Tried that twice. Did not help. At a loss what to try next. Any help would be appreciated. The printer itself does not show any issues or errors. Thank you.


Product Expert
Product Expert


If you are able to print from one computer but the jobs stay in the queue on the other computer, it will usually mean there is something wrong with the print spooler service that sends jobs to a printer. You can try canceling all the jobs on the computer and then restarting the service to see if it works.

You can press the Windows key and the letter R key at the same time on your keyboard. In the run box that appears, you can type in services.msc and click OK. In the list of service, you can scroll through and highlight the print spooler service. Once highlighted, you can click the option at the top to restart.

Once the spooler has been restarted, you can try another print to see if it works. If you continue to have issues printing from that specific computer and it does not give you any additional error information, I would suggest contacting support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to check what might be causing the issue.


Hector, I will give it a try. Thank you so much.


: (

It didn't fix the problem. I will contact customer service. Thanks for trying.

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