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IPF8400 Black channel not printing well

New Contributor

Greetings all,

About a month ago I needed to replace the right printhead. All seemed to go well until adjusting the printhead. It would not complete the alignment no matter what I did. Printing a nozzel check all looked good except the black line. After calling Cannon they determined I may have received a faultly printhead and quickly sent out another. Installed it and everything went smoothly this time, so it seemed. This IPF8400 really only prints my canvas work. The last paper print I did was probably several years ago. Well yesterday I needed to print large on some paper stock. Right away I noticed the print was horrable. It was an image with a lot of black sky, the banding was really bad. I stopped the print then scratched my head a bit as the printhead was new, like only a month old. I did a nozzel check and sure enough the black channel was really poor, everything else was perfect. I had been printing my canvas as usual without issue. Then it dawned on me, it is the Photo Black that is not used when printing my canvas which used Matt Black. So really all these years I have not been using the Photo Black channel very much. Well durning the first printhead problems I did so many cleanings that it depleated the Photo Black which I replaced so it is brand new ink in that line. I checked the ink lines and see no air in the llines. Cleaning has no effect and it really should not, the head is new. So my question is what else could be causing little to no ink getting to the printhead? Sorry for the long story, just wanted to give as much information as possible... I look forward to hearing your thoughts.





Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi ScottSFA,

Because this issue is hardware related, it is recommended that you contact technical support via phone for further assistance. There is NO charge for this call. Please dial 1-800-423-2366, Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time, excluding holidays. A Technical Support Representative can determine the cause of the issue and resolve it or provide you with your available service options.

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