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IMAGECLASS D420: cannot copy: error message "SET PAPER AGAIN SET TONER AGAIN" cannot reset...


as indicated in the subject line:


when machine turned on, we immediately see the red flashing error light on top right and the LCD message of "SET PAPER AGAIN SET TONER AGAIN"


paper and toner resets are done (trivial) but to no avail


what to do?



Hi johnrobbins.


I will be glad to assist you.


This error indicates that there may be a very small piece of paper located under the paper sensor inside the machine.  Please follow the steps below to check for the paper:


1.  Power off the machine and unplug it from the wall.

2.  Open the toner cover door and remove the toner cartridge.


3.  Looking inside the machine, you will see a long black roller that sits along the bottom back wall.

4.  To the very left of this roller is a gray or white plastic, hook-shaped clip.

5.  Pushing on the clip, you will find that it moves fairly easy.  Using a flashlight, look behind and in front of the clip and check for any paper.  It may be a small, corner edge of paper.

6.  Remove any paper.  Reseat the toner back in the machine and close the toner cover door.


7.  Plug the machine back in and make a copy.


If the error persists, please contact us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) for further assistance.

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Thank you It worked!

Thanks you PAtrice. Canon site was useless, this enabled me to easily solve the problem.