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Canon ImageClass MF8380cdw not scanning. ScanGear MF Cannot communicate with the scanner.


Canon ImageClass MF8380cdw not scanning. Error Message: "ScanGear MF Cannot communicate with the scanner. The cable may be disconnected or the scanner may be turned off. Check the scanner status and try again. Scanner driver will be terminated."


I have fixed this in the past by resetting the usb cable to the hard drive. But that fix is not working this time. Also tried resetting hard drive. Any suggestions?



I have an Image Class 8580CDW and about two weeks ago I started getting errors that I cannot communicate with the scanner. After rebooting all machines, network and switches, still nothing. I have to reinstall the MF toolbox and drivers to get it back online. It seems that after reboot or a certain time period I lose connections again and have to reinstall toolbox and drivers again each time.


I've done a winsock reset, added firewall rules to allow everything I can think of and still, the same problem continues to occur.


Important to note, I can fire up my laptops and everything works! So this issue appears to be isolated within this one machine.


I'm running Win 7 64bit.


Please help - I've spent many hours tyring to trouble shoot this problem!