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D1520 Grinding Noise. Machine Toast or a Bad Cartridge?

I have a D1520 with about 65,000 copies on it.  I have used only genuine Canon cartridges.  I put a new cartridge in the printer.  It printed about 3-4 copies without error.  Then, on the next copy, there was a horrible, screeching, grinding sound.  Thereafter, a one inch left margin of copies have a dark band, and toner is clearly visible on one side of the drum.  


The cartridges are expensive and we alway buy one and have it ready for the next cartridge change, so no exchange  is available from the vendor.


Is this a bad cartridge, or is the printer toast?  I am reluctant to buy another cartridge only to learn that the machine will kill it as well.



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Re: D1520 Grinding Noise. Machine Toast or a Bad Cartridge?


Since we have nothing but your description to go on, this is more like asking us to speculate what the problem is?


What troubleshooting steps have you performed?


Have you removed and reseated the toner catridge?


Checked moving parts for proper alighnment?


Inspected parts for wear or internal damage? 


Does this only happen during a "Copy" operation or when performing any task?



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Re: D1520 Grinding Noise. Machine Toast or a Bad Cartridge?

Thanks for your response, Rick.


1.  I have re-seated the cartridge many times and BTW, this is the second new cartridge that this has happened to.


2.  I have no way to check moving parts for alignment.  I have no service manual nor expertise in physical printer repair.


3.  I have cleaned and done a visual inspection of the areas where the cartridge sits.  Nothing appears different.


4.  The loudgrinding sound only occurred once, with each cartridge, and I turned the machine off immediately.  Then, after restarting it,  the machine prints or copies -- it does not make any different as to operation -- but the cartridge now has toner leaking from one side and prints with excess toner on that side.  Hence my question or fear that it is the machine and not two bad cartridges.

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Re: D1520 Grinding Noise. Machine Toast or a Bad Cartridge?

Hi SR1.

If toner is leaking, and especially if the printer is making grinding noises, do not use the printer, and contact our support line 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) Monday-Friday from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm ET, excluding holidays.  They can help you arrange for service, if necessary.


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