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Custom page size on Canon MF743Cdw


I recently got a new desktop and am now using this printer with it. Previously, from my laptop, I had printed to some 3x5 index cards and to some 4 3/16 x 5/7/16 cards.


From the new computer, I can't figure out how to do either of these things.


When the printer was first installed, I only had access to the "lame" version of Printing preferences, where you can't specify a custom paper size. I installed the "Canon Generic Plus UFR I V200" driver, and now can set a custom paper size. However, it won't let me create something that small. I know the printer is capable of it, and I was previously able to do it from another computer, but...I'm lost and banging my head against a wall!


Both computers are running Windows 10.


Cany anyone help?







Hi juliajames.


Directions for registering a custom paper size in the driver may be found at the following page:


If this option is not present, you may need to switch to the Generic or Generic Plus UFR II drivers.  After installing new drivers, the printer will need to be removed and then added back.


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IS there a Dislike answer button??? 
Print drivers are bad, but the latest versions on this Cannon just don't have any basic functionality!

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