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Color imageCLASS MF753Cdw - Printing Multiple Copies Error


I have a weird issue when printing multiple copies of the same document (PDF) to the MF753Cdw. When printing, the first copy will print the first few pages (3-10), stop printing, then restart the entire print job (copy 1 from the beginning) and finish all other copies correct. So in the end I am left with one partial copy and then the rest completed/correct copies. I have tried the latest drivers (Generic Plus UFR II Printer Driver V3.00 and MF753Cdw/ MF751Cdw MFDrivers) and updated to the latest firmware. I am using wifi and Windows 11. 






MF 753Cdw Support Portal:

Canon Support for Color imageCLASS MF753Cdw | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

I would recommend using the full MF Utility Installer which includes ScanGear and the MF Scan Utility

Install First


Install 2nd:

MF Scan Utility v1.21.0.2

I've updated to FW v04.01 using the printers control panel.  No issues

Let me tell you about each package.

The MF Utilities/UFR II and ScanGear offers the full device feature set.  When the software is run for the first time, it prompts for permissions to make changes to the windows firewall for device communications.  Say yes to that. 

It then gives you a list of features you can choose to install.  I unchecked the Fax option as I don't use this feature, but having it won't hurt.

Once complete, run the MF Scan Utility.  Once complete you will have access to all the printers features and options.  Including MF Scan and ScanGear. 

The Generic UFR II v3.00 drivers are a generic version of Canon's print driver that supports a broad range of devices.  The former is device specific and complete.

I might recommend that you uninstall the drivers you have now, remove the printer from windows, restart, then re-run the two drivers I recommended above. Both are windows 11.

If you continue to have printing issues, you'll need to tell us more about the document(s) you are printing and from what application you are printing from.  Does it only happen with one .PDF, every .PDF or only when printing from one application, etc.

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