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Canon MF654Cdw air print not working


I have had this MF654Cdw for a few months and the air print has never consistently worked.  It's very frustrating.  Even restarting the printer doesn't seem to help.  

The AirPrint setting is turned on in the Remote UI. I have the most recent firmware per the printer (though I can't find the version #).  I am able to print wireless on an older MBP OS 11.7.10 with drivers version 10.16.19 installed.  That seems to work okay as long as the printer is never asleep.  I've been testing this for the last hour and this MBP shows the printer offline right now even though the printer is online, not asleep.

I am not able to AirPrint from any iPhone in the house.  We have mostly iPhone 15's and 15 pro.  One 12 mini.  All are running the most recent iOS available for the device.  I am not able to print from an iPad pro running most recent iOS.  

I've adjusted the time-out setting so it shuts down after 60 mins.  To print from any device ever, I have to manually wake it up from the printer screen.  Printing to it from the MBP or from another Mac (running current OS) with software installed doesn't wake it.  

The printer is 100% wireless, meaning we do not have any devices hardwired.  It registers fine on my router and the device clearly connects to the internet/wi-fi fine. 

This has been a frustrating experience.  I'm not any sort of IT expert and I have never had this difficult of a time with a printing using AirPrint before (I've had HP and brothers). 

Any help is greatly appreciated!