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Color Imageclass MF628c, network settings, wired/wireless LAN option and Wireless LAN option greyed


I just moved and have a new modem. Yes, I blew it. It was late at night and I think I selected the option that greyed-out the first two options under network settings. I tried unplugging the printer overnight and it didn't help. How do I get these options back?  




I blew it. I moved, have a new modem, and was trying to get the printer going way-too-late. I'm sure I accidentally greyed-out top 2 settings. How do I get them back so I can use my wireless setting?

Hi, DebPrints!

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Hello Deb Prints,

If the settings for the network are greyed out, you can reset the printer's settings and then you can start the setup again to connect the printer to your network. You can rest the printer from the panel using the following path.

<Menu> <System Management Settings> <Initialize Menu> Select the item you want to initialize <Yes>

Once the settings have been reset, you can perform the setup using the steps in the link found HERE.

I appreciate your reply. Unfortunately, I didn't see it in time. I recycled the machine a month ago and got an inexpensive Canon.

I had this problem to, you can fix it by going into Menu>Network Settings>Enable Direct Connection>OFF.

After you do that restart the printer and connect to WIFI or plugin ethernet cable.

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I appreciate your reply. Unfortunately, it came too late.. I recycled the machine a month ago and got an inexpensive Canon.