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Canon mf247 fax confirmation



I was wondering how I can get my printer to print a fax confirmation page every time I send a fax?



Hi damatos.


I will be glad to assist you.


To receive a printed confirmation of faxes sent from the printer, please follow the instructions below:


<Menu> <Output Rprt.> <Report Settings> <Fax TX Result Report> or <E-Mail/File TX Result Report> Select the print setting



Select if you do not want to print TX Result Reports.
Select to print a TX Result Report every time you send a document.
<Only When Error Occurs>
Select to print a TX Result Report only when a sending error occurs.



Example: Fax sending



Example: Scanning to e-mail/shared folder



"OK" indicates that the transmission was completed successfully while "NG" and three digits (an error code) indicates that the transmission failed (For details, see the "User's Guide" from the Canon website (
For e-mail, TX Result Reports indicate the transmission result between the machine and the mail server, not between the machine and the destination address. Even if the transmission fails, a three-digit error code will not be printed. To check the error code, print a Communication Management Report.



To print a part of a fax document on the report
  • When you select <On> or <Only When Error Occurs>, a part of a fax document can be included in the report. Tap <Include TX Image> to <On>.
If you need further assistance, please call us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666).
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how to print the (only one) fax confirmation that I just sent.


I do not want to print a TX result report "every time" I send a document.




Hi pc88,


Please click HERE for information regarding printing reports from the imageCLASS MF247dw.


Please note, Canon's Forum is not intended for immediate help, but a place to allow for the Community to give you assistance and feedback. If this is an urgent support need, please use the link below to reach our friendly Technical Support Team:

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It is pathetic that Canon is unwilling to explain how this can be achieved. It's a simple (minimum 6 steps, possibly more) procedure that will save your remaining hair from being pulled out.


1. Home


3. Output report

4. Report settings

5. Fax TX result report


Now, the fun begins. Typically, the choice "Error only" is highlighted. "Off" and "On" are not highlighted. When you press "On", nothing happens.


You have to select the "Error only" option, illogical as it may seem. Then, you will be able to say "Off" to it. (You may want to say something different but only "On" and "Off" are available.)


Then you can return to 5. Fax TX result report, select "On", and, after a few more steps, it will be saved.


The whole thing has been designed by idiots who have never needed to sign an important document and verify transmission..



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