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Canon MX860 repeats B200 error code -- brought it back to store , they couldn't fix it.


Canon MX860 has error code B200, have cleaned and removed printer head

code still blinks.


This thread is 2 years old, but I just experienced the same B200 problem. Tried batteryheadbill's solution and it worked like a charm!


@batteryheadbill, you are the man.

Your fix worked for me too!  Took me a little while repeating the steps, but finally got it to work!  Thanks.

Amazing! Batteryheadbill, you're a genius. Either that or I want to take to a casino. This technique worked. Saved me the time and trouble of cleaning the ink head or the cost of an Ebay replacement. Wonder how long it will last but happy to give it a try. Thank you.

The reply that batteryheadbill gave on 10-28-2013 was the starting point to resolving my problem:


****Ref my MX860. So... I did NOT wash head or anything. I opened cover, shoved print head manually to left all the way. Rapidly pushed "on" button a bunch of times until unit beeped back at me with funny sounds and went completely dead... Well, before throwing out the second story window, I then rapidly, pushed "on" 5 or 6 times and noticed the print head moved to the right. I shut the deck and waited... and waited... the 'infamous' Canon 'I'm gonna print, no wait, wait, really, I am, in a minute, wait, wait, listen to my sweet sounds, wait, I'm fixin' to, wait". And then it happened! Everything got real quiet and my LCD screen popped up, looking totally normal. So far, it prints, copies and will send a fax. Try it, sure won't hurt, and it seems to have fixed mine 🙂




  I followed his instructions, and it:

- eliminated the error code

- began printing again


My print quality was poor at first, but I had rinsed and dried the print head, which I know now was unnecessary.  So it took quite a few prints before the nozzle pattern got back up to looking as it should.


For what it's worth, I believe that my problem was triggered by my using Grayscale as my main setting.  Because I did not use color printing or duplex (which uses the colored inks even for black print) much, AND because the yellow for some reason needs to be replaced far less often, my yellow cartridge dried out in the middle, even though the sensor was showing that it still had enough ink.


Also, if you use batterheadbill's procedure, remember that this takes the printer to factory settings.  If you prefer other settings, go into "Computer" and reset them.

@batteryheadbill - AMAZING. After receiving the dreaded B200 error (MG5420), I found two pieces of paper jammed. Sadly, removing them did not solve the problem. So then I watched a YouTube video of how to remove the print head and did so. The I bought a can of compressed air; I first rinsed the print head extensively in warm water, then patted/shook it dry, then sprayed it well with compressed air and reinstalled it. The error code persisted. I started pricing new printers on Amazon but couldn't resist the idea that I could fix it yet. Followed your oddly brilliant tips just now, and VOILA, my nightmare is OVER!!!! If I knew your address I would send you a gift. You have easily saved me $100+.

Many thanks for this solution - worked a treat.

I tried a few times turning off and on after pushing the ink to the right as mentioned, but what finally worked was opening the hood to watch the ink when turning on again (leaving it open until it was done). THEN I heard the scan/copy reset itself and the ink went through its normal back and forth warm up.

Seemed to be fixed, but then when I closed the hood to copy - the whole machine died. ARGG! Looks like it´s finished.

Thank you batteryheadbill!  


I had to try his directions multiple times.  I even wiped off the main print head (that all the print cartridges go into) and installed new print cartridges for the two that were low (they flash red when low).  But then, it worked! Yay!  Thanks again. We were worried we would have to buy a new printer before we could get this one to work and of course, right before taxes are due and we needed it to work.


So relieved that something finally worked!

batteryhead you are a godsend!!!

Hey, just shoving the printer cartridge with all my might did my heart good! The old B200 fix that's worked for me for a long time was opening the printer cartridge, letting it go past halfway, then immediately closing all. This time it didn't work, but your solution has, at least in the short term, stopped the damned B200!

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