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Brand new LBP-122dw thinks it has a printer jam.


I'm 20min into my first print job (replacing a nearly identical Canon printer I've had for 7 years). I print a 300 page document and I add paper halfway through. Printer Jams. I remove the paper. It thinks paper is still jammed. Customer support is useless. I have only one option, return to Amazon. 

First, did Canon really degrade this much in 7 years? I'm concern if I breathe too loud this thing will break.

Second, is there a way to factory reset this thing? I know my old model had a method, but what finally killed it was I changed wifi and the factory reset wasn't possible so the wifi password killed it. Is this one dead simply because the software is too inept to tell if they're';s paper trapped and will never ever work again? I'm generally blown away by how bad this new printer is.



To clarify, it was not possible to factory reset my previous printer because simply Canon's instructions do not work, which bricked it, but there's a chance I can revert to my old wifi password since the 7 year old (and inferior model) is significantly better and more reliable than the LBP122dw


I mean who creates a printer that dies on the first paper jam and has absolutely no troubleshooting options. 

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