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Block layout of nozzle check in ipf 6400

I have just completed a nozzle check on my ipf 6400. All the blocks appear to be printing fine except that there is nothing at all in the bottom half of the 10th block (counting left to right, top to bottom), as follows:


1  2  3


4  5  6


7  8  9


10  11  12



The top of this block appears to be light gray. But there is nothing in the bottom half. Would appreciate some help:


What does this mean?


What should I do about it? 



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If this is a printhead problem, which printhead is causing the problem?

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Re: More

Hello mstratil,


When the nozzle check pattern doesn't print as expected, cleaning the Printhead may improve results.

Choose one of two Printhead cleaning modes (Head Cleaning A or Head Cleaning B), depending on the problem to resolve.
  • Head Cleaning A
Use this mode if printing is faint or contains foreign substances. This method of cleaning consumes the least amount of ink.
It takes about six minutes to complete.
  • Head Cleaning B
Use this mode if no ink is ejected at all, or if Head Cleaning A does not solve the problem.
It takes about seven minutes to complete.
  • Do not remove the Maintenance Cartridge or ink tanks during either Head Cleaning A or Head Cleaning B.
  • If printing does not improve after Head Cleaning B, try repeating Head Cleaning B once or twice. If this still does not improve printing, the Printhead may have reached the end of its useful life. Contact your Canon dealer for assistance.
  • Nozzles are periodically checked to ensure they are clear. Configure the settings on the Control Panel menu in Nozzle Check.
Perform cleaning as follows.
1. On the Tab Selection screen of the Control Panel, press  or  to select the Settings/Adj. tab ().

  • If the Tab Selection screen is not displayed, press the Menu button.
2. Press the OK button.
    The Set./Adj. Menu is displayed.
3. Press  or  to select Maintenance, and then press the OK button.
4. Press  or  to select Head Cleaning, and then press the OK button.
5. Press  or  to select Head Cleaning A or Head Cleaning B, and then press the OK button.
    Head cleaning is now executed.
6. Print a test pattern to check the nozzles, and determine whether cleaning has cleared the nozzles. (See "Checking for Nozzle Clogging (iPF6400) (iPF6450).")

If you need immediate assistance and you're in the USA, please click for our US-based support. If you're outside of the US, please click for support options.


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Re: More

This is a fine statement of the general nozzle procedures. But I have a specific question about the abnormal nozzle print that I have gotten. Would you please address this specific issue.
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