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Best settings to print photos on LBP612Cdw??? (2nd attempt)


Hi, I just got the LBP612Cdw printer after having a not so great experience with a competing product I ended up returning.  There are so many options for theLBP612Cdw which I'm happy about, but it's difficult to understand what all of them do.


Are there any Canon Color Laser experts here who can guide me to the best printer settings for printing photos?


The types of settings I'm speaking of are:

  • Gradation Smoothing: Off, Smooth 1, Smooth 2
  • Special Smoothing Mode: Modes 1-6
  • Special Fine Line Processing: Off, Thick, Thicker
  • Quality: 600 vs 1200 dpi
  • Graphics Mode: Vector vs Raster
  • Gradation; Standard, High 1, High 2
  • B & W Halftones
  • Color Halftones
  • Advanced Smoothing: Off, Smooth 1, Smooth 2
  • Toner Volume Correction: Normal, Gradation Priority, Text Priority
  • Gray Compensation: On, Off
  • Sharpness (Photo): -1 to 3
  • Line Control: Resolution Priority, Gradation Priority