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Adjust TCP Windows Size on MF453dw ?


Got troubles after a few email scans, this printer start to trigger TCP out of order.

Then you reboot, it work for a few scan and it's all trouble again.

Is there anyone experiencing this issue?

Is there a way to change the TCP Window Size on the MF453dw?



There might be a registry hack for this, but nothing I am officially aware of.  I would be looking at my network hardware.

How is the device connected?  Wired or wireless.  If wireless, would it be possible to test using a wired connection temporarily?  Is the printer located far from the router?

Does this happen when printing from a particular application or is all printing affected?

Bay Area - CA

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Thanks for the reply  @shadowsports the printer is connected by physical ethernet.   Wires had been checked with professional tools and certified for 10Gbit.  

The printer is directly connected to a router port.

The affected app is the scan to mail only (already checked with mail provider it seems that the printer do handshake then won't send data).