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MF656Cdw Copy Quality looks better than Scanned file. Settings in MF Scan to replicate quality?


Printer All-In-One: MF656Cdw
Windows 10 scanning with Canon MF Scan Utility

Issue: When doing a Copy (color) of a two-sided document directly placed onto the flat bed, the one-sided printed copy looks great and basically identical. Although a minor inconvenience, it also doesn't grab anything bordering the 3mm from top and right edges (probably for another topic).

However, the main issue is comparing the one-sided printed copy to the file created by MF Scan. When I go onto my computer to use MF Scan, the scanned image file has faintly grabbed the back of the two-sided document and it leaks through into the image no matter what settings I tried. I have tried using Document, Photo, and ScanGear. On the one-sided printed Copy it doesn't have any leakage from the back side.

Any settings I can adjust to remove this back leakage in MF Scan to replicate what manually pressing Copy does? I'd rather not do a one-sided Copy and then Scan the copy to remove the back leakage.




Interesting issue you are describing.

The printer cannot print borderless, so if you scan something at 100% it cannot print to the edges unless the image is reduced in size to fit the printable area of the page.

This evening another user asked about decreasing margins and I found a region setting on the Finishing tab of the driver that allows you modify the margins. However, I've never tried to see how far or close to the edge of the paper you could go.  I would probably just reduce the image slightly.  There might be additional controls depending on the application you were printing from too, such as WORD.

The image bleeding is another issue.  Try putting a blank sheet of paper on top of the page you are scanning on the platen and let us know if this helps. Adjusting contrast or print density might also work.

Something else I just thought of. Scan the document using OCR. Then copy the text to another document that doesn't have a page printed on the other side.  You should be able to get a clean scan this way, but it does require an extra step.  

Hopefully one or more of these suggestions helps you.  


Bay Area - CA

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Hi Rick,

Thank you for your reply and your suggestions!

To preface this, I noticed you are from CA, which is also the state I'm currently residing in. I tried using a copy of my CA DMV registration w/ sticker (mailed, not kiosk) this past weekend and attempted to do your suggestions.

I noticed the DMV paper is thin, has information on the back, and text along the edges so it seemed like a good enough test subject. But, I had the same experience as I described above. You are welcome to try if you have any copies laying around.

With the printing of the edges, I feel it would be beneficial if pressing the Copy button were to detect if there were text or something present beyond the printer's capabilities and would ask if it would autofit before printing.

Placing it on the flatbed and pressing the Copy (color) button, the one-sided printed copy looks great and basically identical (no bleed of text from the back) again. I placed this copy into my car.

When using MF Scan Utility (all document types), I'm still experiencing rear text bleed even when placing a blank piece of paper behind it. 

I resorted to making a Copy and Scanning it. The soft copy turned out great.

I'm just not sure why if it can make a Copy that looks great, why can't a same soft copy be mirrored when using the MF Scan utility.