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Selphy CP1300 lacks Windows 11 support


I cannot print photos on my Selphy printer with Windows 11. The Windows 10 drivers do not work. And there is no native support for the Selphy in Windows 11, so it will not allow you to select the appropriate options for printing.

Do you plan on adding Windows 11 drivers soon?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Wessex,

The Windows 11 driver for the SELPHY CP1300 should be available, unfortunately we do not have a time frame that can be provided as to when to expect their release.



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So, is it at the moment not possible to print photos with the "Selphy CP1300" by using a PC which uses "Windows 11"?

I'm asking because your website/online shop does not indicate that the "Selphy CP1300" supports "Windows 11".

So......basically Canon isn't going to update the drivers to allow usage in Windows 11?

I love my printer, but I guess it's a really expensive paperweight now? It's REALLY annoying to do my editing on a PC then transfer the images to my phone or a memory card just to print them...

I just noticed Canon is releasing the Selphy cp1500 in October 2022.  This has me worried that they may forget about the cp1300. I wish I had gotten more than 6 months use out of this printer


Windows 11 has been out for more than a year now, and there are still no drivers for it. Like I said, the Windows 10 drivers do not work, even under compatibility mode. This terrible support is the primary reason I went with a Brother laser printer earlier this year, rather than a more affordable Canon printer.

Can you advise if you have any progress? 


I received this printer as a gift (December 2021) and it was wonderful until my computer updated to Windows 11.  I assumed Canon would quickly release a driver for the printer but have now been waiting for over 6 months.  Do we have an ETA on an updated driver?  What is the incompatibility with the windows 10 driver?


Windows 11 has been out for more than two years now and there are still no proper drivers. The Windows 10 drivers do not install, even in compatibility mode. I have tried repeatedly on different machines. Seriously, this is unacceptable.

To further elaborate, there appear to be native drivers in Windows 11, but they are set so the only paper size options are Japan Hagaki postcard, Metric Photo L, and Credit Card. Those do not work with my Selphy's paper. The only solution is proper Canon drivers.