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Selphy CP1300 - brand new, keeps saying ink cassette is out of ink w/ new casette


Like the title says, I bought a Selphy CP1300 from Amazon in 2020 on sale but only just had a reason to open it. It set up easily, and it came with a sample ink cartridge and some paper, good for 5 prints. I set it up per the manual, send a photo from my phone w/ AirPrint, and it all seems to go well until it starts turning gears inside. It clicks for a few minutes and says that the ink casette is out of ink. Again, all brand new, even the ink. I’ve tried putting it in and out a few times but with no luck. 

I saw some support posts from other selphy printers and they said there’s a gear that gets loose with use. I’d be shocked if that were the case on a brand new unit. 

Does anyone have any ideas? Also, I tried to registered it on my cannon account but there wasn’t an option for cp1300.

Thanks in advance for any help!