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SELPHY CP1500 Not printing borderless



I have a Canon Selphy CP1500 photo printer. Its connected to Wifi and I added the printer through wifi using airprint on Mac OS Monterey.

I am sending images to print from Mac OS but there is always a white border in the printed picture.

I set the 'Borderless' option on Printer settings from printer itself using the screen and buttons over the printer but it didn't work.

I have checked printer options but there is no way to set it as borderless.

I tried Canon Print and Selphy Layout Android app in the same wifi and I was able to print photo without borders.

But unfortunately I wasn't possible to print borderless from Mac OS using Wifi.

I also tried to print using Mac OS terminal and python cups bindings like 


current_job = conn.printFile (printername[0], 'IMG_7006.jpeg', "My Picture", {'fit-to-page':'True','StpBorderless':'True','StpiShrinkOutput':'Expand', 'StpColorPrecision':'Best', 'cupsPrintQuality':'High', 'StpQuality': 'High'})


using borderless options as true but it wasn't possible.

I made some research but people has same issue on CP1500 and CP1200 printers using Wifi prints and nobody has a solution.

So, how can I print without borders from Mac OS using Wifi connection on Canon Selphy CP1500?

Thank you

Screen Shot 2023-11-19 at 20.36.40.png20231119_203803.jpg



I had the same infuriating issue but I think I figured it out. When you go to print click on the “properties.,,” button, on “Layout” click the “Advanced” button on the bottom of the page, on that page under printer features turn on boardless printing, on Scaling select “Fit”. Try that.