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PIXMA iP100 Won't work with new computer


So I have had this lovely, perfect for my use inkjet printer a number of years and it fits in a drawer, which is the only place in my tiny house for a printer. Our mac OS 10 crapped out and we had to get a new computer. Now the printer can't connect. Does anyone else notice how stupid, wrong and mean this is? Why is Cannon being so rude? How hard is it to support this perfect little printer with a new OS?  Pretty easy for them, I'd think! Or do they just prefer to have extremely angry customers?  The customer is always right, and the customer thinks Cannon should continue to support these printers because otherwise they're creating lots of trash which is an extremely horrible offense. Doesn't everyone agree?



It's a 15-year old printer model. The most recent Mac OS supported with a driver is 10.14.

How long would you have a manufacturer keep updating drivers? 15 years is a pretty long life span for a printer. But operating systems get updated many times in that time.

If an item still works, it should be supported forever. Appliances and electronics should work as long as possible and be supported as long as they keep working: ideally they should be infinitely repairable as well. Cannon should be proud that their printer continues to function well after 15 years! Throwing away things before they stop working is promoting a throwaway society, which very 20th century and needs to be left behind. In the 21st century we need to take responsibility and create a future that is sustainable and not be thinking in this unhealthy, throwaway sort of way that bestows suffering on our planet and of course, on our offspring who will be its stewards. It can be done, but we have to change our mindset.


It is nice to have ideals. Good luck with your dreams!

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