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Ivy Cliq won't charge or turn on


The Ivy Cliq that we purchased won't charge or turn on.  I just wasted over 30 minutes on hold trying to talk to the right department to get this fixed.  I'm stuck because it says it is out of warranty(not true) so it doesn't have my phone# in the system though the lady assured me that she fixed it but it still doesn't work.  Can I take it somewhere else or suggestions on how to talk to the support dept that does cameras?  I tried the  chat but it doesn't work.


Please Help!


Product Expert
Product Expert


To reach our phone or chat support team, you will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


I'm not support. I can't fix your camera, but I can get you where you need to be. I believe I've pulled up part of your Canon Account, - I see a Ladybug Red IVY CLIQ that's registered. If this is your account it looks like it's not syncing with the phone system. That's an "us" issue and not your fault. I'm putting in a ticket to get that part fixed. It looks like you should be eligible for phone support. Can you Private Message me to verify I'm looking at the right Canon Account? I don't want to divulge any of your personal info here in public. 


I'm having the same issue with a camera I just got for my daughter. looking next to the serial number, I guess it was manufactured a few years ago though..... maybe the battery went dead? Can you guys send me a replacement battery or something?

Hi, bobloftus!

The batteries aren't user-replaceable in these products. We recommend contacting support so they can look into this with you. If it's new, it's still within warranty. You just want to register it over at and then call our team at 800-652-2666.

Dang, I'm an IT pro and a general all-around fixer type. It looks like I've found a battery that would fit judging from tear-downs I've found online. As far as support, I've actually already registered, now I'll reach out to them.