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Ip 110 printer orange light blinking


I was printing a few copies using the Wifi and tried to cancel the printing by pressing the cancel button on the printer. I got  an error message of 2 alternating flashing lights, white (power button) and orange.

When I do the solution  for 2 flashing lights and press the resume button I still get the same error message even after turning the printer off then back on and tried reset.

The paper size in the print settings and the size of the loaded paper do not match.


Product Expert
Product Expert


I recommend performing a reset of the printer. While the printer is on, unplug the power cord from the printer. While the power is off, press the power button 5 times. After 60 seconds plug the power cord back in and power on the printer.

Once that is done, the error should clear but if it doesn't, make sure the print job is not stuck in the print queue on your computer. Also, when you go to print, make sure the paper size loaded matches the paper size selected in the print job. 

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The reset didn't work but I don't see where the print queue is.

when I try to print i get a printer icon on the bottom bar of my mac showing an ( ! ) and 1 print job. When I click on it a page comes up showing General and supply at top, printer type , driver 2.0 and show printer webpage.

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