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icon task bar on printer MG5420


My icon task bar mysteriously migrated to the center of my screen and I can't figure out how to get it back to the lower right hand corner where it came from.   It's on a new Canon Pixma MG 5420. Also is there away to get rid of the full task bar altogether but have a single icon that can bring it back the full bar of icons when I want it?


Rising Star

Hi JER60,


I think you are referring to the Quick Menu.  



If so, you can click and drag on the corner icon (which appears like a square with dots in the middle) to move the Quick Menu where you like.  If you drag it to a corner of the screen, it will "snap" into place neatly.


Also, you should see two arrows near that corner icon.  Click the arrows to compress the Quick Menu bars or expand them.  If you want to remove a specific icon from the bar, right click on the icon and select Delete or simply drag the icon out of the Quick Menu bar.


Finally, to prevent the Quick Menu from starting when you boot your computer, right click on the corner icon again and select Preferences.  Remove the check from the box "Start Quick Menu when Windows starts".


You can always open the Quick Menu again from your Start Menu or desktop shortcut (if available).

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Thanks for the reply. It is the Quick Menu I was asking about. I can't click and drag just won't drag no matter what I do. But I managed to get it off my screen using your other suggestions. The desktop shotcut is going to work great for me.


The printer that this one replaced was 17 years old (and was still working great) so this new Canon has a lot more bells and whistles to learn! Except for this one problem the learning process has been going well.


Thanks, again.

Correction on my above post. I WAS able to drag it after I re-read your directions. I wasn't trying to move it by dragging it at the corner but rather along the edges. That made all the difference.


Thanks again.

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