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This forum needs serious help



I don't know why you let something fall this far.



First of all, take a look at your typical thread:


It's full of "me too" answers. No one gets a single problem resolved.


Why don't you follow the format of Stack Exchange Q&A sites, and upvote answers that are helpful, instead of flipping through 5 pages to find nothing helpful, and no voting system to know if an answer worked for others or not.


This is EXACTLY why people chose other brands. If Apple ever released a printer, they'd kick your butt in customer service and forums, and would dominate the industry.


This is why your wait time is 30 minutes when you call, meanwhile other companies are less than 5 minutes... because you guys resolve 0 problems on your forums and FAQs, which causes a massive backlog in calls. There is no way to troubleshoot on your own, so everyone has to call.


Customer experience... MBA 101.

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Re: This forum needs serious help

Hi macdonjo!


Thank you for your feedback about the Canon Forum!


We value our customers and want to make sure we address your questions or issues in the best way possible but the Forum is not intended for customer service and direct support. It is a place for Canon users to post questions, provide answers, and help to foster a sense of community with Canon fans and users. 


If you have a customer service or support issue for a product manufactured for the United States market, please give our technical support team a call at 1 (800) OK CANON or contact us online HERE. If you are outside of the United States, please visit the Canon Global site HERE to find how to reach technical support in your country.


We hope this helps! 

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Re: This forum needs serious help

Check out the Apple user forums. They are full of the same kind of complaints. Apple *did* have a printer, but they gave up on it long ago.

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Re: This forum needs serious help

I tried both your numbers- neither was successful.  Basically you sold me an expensive scanner, I've barely used it, and it sporadically doesn't scan. 


It prints from the Dell PC, and it pulls documents through the feeder to copy. 


The problem is it won't scan. But it scanned yesterday.  Just not today. 


What a waste of money.  No machine should be this finicky. 


Your tech support is atrocious, told me to go to Best Buy to get it fixed. Thanks a lot. 

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