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Saving 16 bit grayscale images with CanoScan LiDE 400



I want to save my LiDE 400 grayscale scans in 16 bit grayscale (for studying transmittance uniformity issues with some thin films), but the ScanGear software does not allow it. I know MP Navigator EX used to be able to do this with LiDE 200, but the LiDE400 does not support MP Navigator EX..

What options do I have to save 16 bit TIFF greyscale images?


Hoping for any convenient solutions/workarounds/softwares..Smiley Very Happy


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi jaretul,


Please follow these steps:


1.  Open the IJ Scan Utility.


2.  Click the Settings button in the lower right corner of the utility.


3.  Click ScanGear on the bottom left side.


4.  On the right side, next to Data Format, please choose TIFF.


5.  Click OK


6.  Back in the IJ Scan Utility, click the ScanGear button.


7.  Click the Advanced Mode tab in the upper right corner.


8.  Choose Grayscale next to "Color Mode".






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