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Rain, different lights at the track, One can learn a lot pretty quick

Rising Star

Well, I took my equipment out to the race track and what a learning experiment. Now I know why I drink, haha, just kidding.


Being early evening (some natural light) in to late evening (stadium lights), cloudy, raining, bugs, flickering, under exposure, photo noise haha... One can learn a lot in a few hours.


This was my first time at night racing.


Not the best, but t least I can strive to do lots better.........


@ebiggs1 wrote:

Remember I am not a DPP fan nor am I a user. I simply did what you said.  I actually have no idea beyond curiosity what DPP does or doesn't do. I use it so little.  When I opened it the moths flew away as I must have disturbed them.


You guys can say what you want and brag all you want.  Do as much boasting as you want and DPP will never be Photoshop.

As a psuedo Lightroom, yeah, maybe but not for me. It remains a wanna-be!

No, Ernie, go back and read what's been written on the subject over the past couple of years. (That's as long as I've been in the forum, so it's all I know.) Almost all of the boasting about photo editors has been done by you - about Photoshop and other Adobe editors. Virtually every time somebody asks about photo editors, you recommend, often forcefully, some form of Photoshop.


I will freely concede that Photoshop is probably the finest photo editor ever conceived by the mind of man. All I'm saying is that it's expensive; it's less convenient in at least some respects than DPP; and a significant percentage of the user community will never need it. You may disagree, but I don't like to pay for something I don't need. And I won't knowingly tell other people to buy something that I think they probably don't need.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

I appreciate everyone's advice and passion, but I had decided to go with Lightroom.

As I get more experience under my belt I am not opposed to other options.



B from B said,

"I will freely concede that Photoshop is probably the finest photo editor ever conceived by the mind of man."


That is why I recommend it. Smiley Happy Remember B for B, it isn't boasting or bragging if it is true.


I concede the high cost, you got me all over on that part.  And the fact PS is no longer available to buy.  However the rental is only $10 bucks per month and it includes LR.

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