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Made a Custom Camera Case


Well, sort of. Long story short, I bought the "Care Package" edition of a video game, Black Ops 2, and afterwards had no idea what to do with the big package it came with. So, rather than toss it I started to figure out how feasible it would be to turn it into a camera storage case. What I have just about three months later is a lot of procrastination. Took me three days and about $30 for the velcro and cut foam.


I cut the holes for equipment myself and regret doing that. I'll have foam cut again at some point down the road but for now this should work. When I do, I plan on getting a bright orange foam block for the interior to match the straps on the outside.


I entertained the idea of using padded dividers but that idea didn't catch traction when I couldn't find any replacement dividers with the specifications/lengths I was looking for.

Canon Care Package, Closed

Canon Care Package, Foam

Canon Care Package, Open

Canon Care Package, Detail

Canon Care Package, Layers



I've "thrown it around" and it holds up well with the gear inside. No where near the protection a proper Pelican case would give me but this just looks cool in my trunk and closet. I also plan on getting an o-ring made for the small gap in the border in the lips of the lids to give it some proper water proofing but it still won't give as much protection as I'd like.