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LiDE 400: How to change the Auto Scan button settings


On the Canon LiDE 220, you were able to set what profile/function the Auto Scan button on the scanner used, allowing you to not need to the the computer when scanning a lot of documents. I would like to be able to do the same thing with the LiDE 400 scanner I just got. Right now it takes what I scan and turns it into a PDF. I want the button to use the Custom Scan setting in the IJ Scan Utility software. Is there a way to do this? The IJ software does not look like it gives you a lot of options for customizing what you want like the MP Navigator software did.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Ferkner,


You can change the Auto Scan function button from the settings in IJ Scan Utility. Please click HERE for the online manual that will cover how to do this.


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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it does not let me change the settings that I want. I called the customer support line and spoke to someone at Canon and they confirmed that I cannot do what I want with the software like I could with MP Navigator and the LiDE 210.


It would be nice if Canon made the IJ Scan Utility a bit more robust and customizable in the same vein as MP Navigator. Having to click on the Custom Scan button in the software every time is not ideal or the most efficient way (I scan dozens of pages at once), but it's not a deal breaker either.