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Introduce yourself!

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I thought this would be a good thread for everyone to come in and tell a little about yourself, especially as the forum is just getting started.


My name is Michael Andrew, but I go by Michael The Maven. I have been a Canon shooter for almost 10 years now and I LOVE Canon gear. 


I started off primarily as a portrait and wedding photorgapher, after a few years of working as a videographer in the wedding industry in Alabama. For the past 5 years, I have run a free online photography school for beginning Canon shooters and have have produced several Canon training videos, many clips of which can be seen on Youtube. I am intimiately familiar with the following Canon gear:


Canon Rebel XSi

Canon Rebel T1i

Canon Rebel T2i

Canon Rebel T3i

Canon Rebel T4i

Canon 40D

Canon 50D

Canon 60D

Canon 5D

Canon 7D

Canon 5Dii

Canon 5Diii


Canon Speedlite 430, 580 Ex, Exii

Canon Speedlite 600


I look forward to meeting everyone and sharing my knowledge with you if I can help!



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Hi Michael and everyone


Just joined the community today.My passion is wild lifre photography ranging from insects to maammakls nd in particular birds in flight.  I have been a Canon user for a number of years and have had a particular success with my Canon 300 mm prime lense with 1.4 extender using my 7d Mark11 which I love.


I have just bought a Canon 100 x400 4.5 5.6 L IS2 USM+ 1.4 Mark 111 Extender to use with my 7d Mark 11 camera and am experiencing problems with focusing at 60/70 yards at 400mm with extender. I use AI Servo for birds in flight. F8 - 11. Speed between 500 and 3200. IS0 Auto max 3200. Tracking case 1. It seems to be better at slow rather than fast speeds! Pretty good up to 40 yards using One Shot Mode. I use Centre spot or Extended Cross - can't expand further using using extender. Have not changed Microadjustments. I shoot hand held - birds in flight don't stay still! Have tried all 3 stablizer settings. I have been quite experenced and had good results up to now using my 300mm prime lense. I purchases the 100 X 400 with Extender to obtain better reach as I am missing some shots - very disappointed so far!!Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.


Richard Sharman

New Contributor

Hi.  My name is Martin Connor.  I have been a keen photographer since the early 1970's when I got my first SLR, a Zenit E.  Since then I have owned a succession of Canon's :- AE-1, A-1, EOS 650, EOS 300D (Digital Rebel in States), EOS 350D.


I retired in 2010 having married in 2006, so the 350D is still my current camera.


I am still using the lenses I bought for the EOS 650, though my 100mm to 300mm zoon now has a sticky diaphram so I can only use it wide open.


An I.T. Professional for most of my working life, I still like programming and making whatever use I can of technology.  It is a run in with Windows 10 and Digital Photo Professional 4.7 that has brought me to this forum.

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Hi  my name is Zoltan .

I m working in company where I have some problems with canon devices.

I m interested to solved them.

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My name is Rodger and I live in the central IL area.  My first Canon was an AE 1 bought while I was still an undergrad.  Later I bought an EOS 620 right after finishing my doctorate and used it for many years.  In 1999 I first tried digital with one of the early Kodak models because I was traveling to Cuba and didn't want to take a large SLR and lenses with me; it took OK images but after shooting an image there was a 45 second wait while it flushed its buffer and it nearly ended up in Havana bay due to my frustration 🙂  A few years later I bought a 1D Mark ii and the EOS 620 went into retirement and I just uprgraded to a 1DX Mark ii mostly for better low light performance.


I retired a couple of years ago and hope to spend much more time with the new camera.  Right now it is getting a lot of use with my 14 year old daughter's soccer games and the motivation to finally upgrade from the older 1DM2 was because her winter league games are in a horribly lit indoor facility that challenges even the 1DXM2 with a 70-200 F2.8.

EOS 1DX M3, 1DX M2, 1DX, 5DS R, 1D M2, EOS 650 (film), many lenses, XF400 video

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Hello! My name is Andrew! I am a beginner/amateur photographer in New Jersey. Back when I was in high school (class of 2015), I won a scholarship award for outstanding achievement in photography, and after a few years being very busy with working as a grocery cashier, I plan to get back into my favorite hobby going into college very soon.


I own a Canon Rebel T6i, a camera that I really enjoy using a lot for my nature hikes, especially with my mom. I chose Canon because I value peace of mind and reliablity with my products. Another reason being is that Canon's custumoer service is really fantastic. One time my T6i had an issue with the circuit board and they were able to fix it ahead of schedule and in good working order for free which really pleases me.


I can't wait to interact, speak, ask questions and learn new material with you all!


Nature Photography Hobbyist / Enthusiast
Canon EOS Rebel T6i

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Hi, I'm new here and I can say that this is a very interesting community filled with people of the same interest. I love to be here!

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Hi Guys,

I'm Priyadarshan from Sri Lanka. Bought my first 2nd hand DSLR for my youtube channel. I make tech, Computer videos and also Getting started with the basics. you can check my content here (


My Gear is - Canon 650D + Kit Lens

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There certainly is a lot of very knowledgeable people in this community, and those I’ve had contact with have been very helpful.


I’m Chris, new to the website and have been a long-time Canon fan: started with the F-1, purchased to learn photography in 2 years of university classes.


i am a professional pilot, and fly the 747 worldwide: I’ve been to 71 different countries, including island nations, flown about 23 million miles in my career. I’m also a professional writer; trained as a scientist; work as a volunteer at an observatory.


While I’m not new to photography, I’ve only owned a DSLR for about 4 years: I purchased a used EOS 7D and was a bit overwhelmed at first (and this comes from someone who owned an EOS-1V).  I’ve taken several dozen Canon classes offered in Californis In order to get the most out of my camera — now, cameras.


Photography is a passion of mine: always looking for the perfect sunrise, sunset, cloud formation, lightning display; comet, moonrise, landscape, architectural photo waiting to be framed, composed, and photographed.



Chris P. Bacon
F-1; AE-1; EOS 1V, 5D Mk IV, 6D, 6D Mk II, 7D, and 7D Mk II

Dear CrisPbacon,

Gotta Love that.

Welcome to this site and your photo journey.  Alot of noobs and ole pro's on here.  For learning your camera and other great stuff, Ive found to be a great source with some excellent classes and variety of instructors to get a good feel, plus they stream live so you can catch them for free if you have the time that day (on a layover).   Theres Lots of great ideas, we all learn differently.  Hope that is a good source 4 U

.  I started to be a pilot until our plane caught on fire at 250ft after take off.  Glad for ppl like you who plowed thru. 

You'll pick this stuff up fast, it just takes a lot of practice, trial and error, and allowing others to give honest feedback on your photos.  (dont count on any moderators piping in on here tho unless its a pro quality shot)

Best wishes, looking fwd to seeing some photos of your locations you get to see on a regular.



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Hi, Liz.


Thanks for your suggestion: I’ll check the course out.


DSLRs are a bit overwhelming and while I’ve become familiar enough with the different Canon cameras I have, every once in a while I’m at a loss to explain the unexpected.  These cameras have so many more options to get the great photo!  I love it!


Engine fire? At 250’ on takeoff?  Every pilot’s nightmare!  Obviously it was handled correctly — you’re here! — but that’s a very traumatic experience for any pilot, no matter how long you’ve been at it. I’ve had a few moments that have given me pause to consider if I really wanted to do this for a living: had the oil line rupture at 480’ AGL on takeoff from Ft. Yukon, AK flying a fully-loaded single-engine aircraft;  three months later, I had an electrical fire while IMC, carrying a patient on a medevac, much too early on a frigid winter’s night. You keep your wits about you while thinking how to make it through the problem, and once you’re on the ground, that’s the time for the knees to get wobbly and feel a bit uncertain about your choice of occupation.


Again, thanks for your suggestion.



Chris P. Bacon
F-1; AE-1; EOS 1V, 5D Mk IV, 6D, 6D Mk II, 7D, and 7D Mk II