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Introduce yourself!


I thought this would be a good thread for everyone to come in and tell a little about yourself, especially as the forum is just getting started.


My name is Michael Andrew, but I go by Michael The Maven. I have been a Canon shooter for almost 10 years now and I LOVE Canon gear. 


I started off primarily as a portrait and wedding photorgapher, after a few years of working as a videographer in the wedding industry in Alabama. For the past 5 years, I have run a free online photography school for beginning Canon shooters and have have produced several Canon training videos, many clips of which can be seen on Youtube. I am intimiately familiar with the following Canon gear:


Canon Rebel XSi

Canon Rebel T1i

Canon Rebel T2i

Canon Rebel T3i

Canon Rebel T4i

Canon 40D

Canon 50D

Canon 60D

Canon 5D

Canon 7D

Canon 5Dii

Canon 5Diii


Canon Speedlite 430, 580 Ex, Exii

Canon Speedlite 600


I look forward to meeting everyone and sharing my knowledge with you if I can help!



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After reading some of the intros from other forum users, I may be in the wrong place.  I just retired and have been taking pictures of the grandkids and family functions for quite a few years.  I have been a point and shoot person, but now that I am retired I wanted to get more involved in photos.  I just bought a G15 to start to bridge the gap from point and shoot into something better.  I guess I will be reading a lot, and saying very little until I get more experience.  If anyone has any advice to give me, I am all ears.   Oh, by the way, I go by the handle  "Nubber".  Hope to learn a lot here.


Hi, I'm new here. My name is Joe and I've been doing photography ever since I can remember. I've recently made the jump from film to digital. Looking forward to learning more as well as passingg on info that I know.

EOS Rebel T4i
EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II
EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II
(2) B+W 5.8 010 UV - Haze 1x MRC (F - PRO Series filter)
HOYA 58mm HMC Multi-Coated ND8 Filter


Hi all I am Henry 

I an new over here and looking for some knowledge, some good stuff and adventure...

Topic bump I know...

My name is Amy and I am from ohio. I shoot primarily Canon but I also own Olympus and Pentax gear. My first digital camera was a Olympus e420 (now own a 620) and used a Canon power shot for back up. My first Canon dslr was a T3.

I still check in from time to time...


Hello, I'm Jennifer and I just bought my first Canon which is also my first DSLR a few weeks ago. I'm used to compact/point & shoot cameras, so this is a big jump for me, but I'm really loving it. I'm a hobbyist and I've always enjoyed photography, even though I'm not sure if I'm any good at it. My first camera was a cute and girly Barbie camera that used film from the late 90's I got for my birthday one year when I was really little. I used more film than my parents. Woman LOL

EOS Rebel T5 with 18-55 IS II


Hi there! I'm new to Canon with a EOS 500D from my brother. I've shot lots of phone videos in past 3 years but it's the first time I got a real camera. Wish to lean more photograph skills here 🙂

My first camera, an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic was purchased in Japan in 1969 (unfortunately stolen in 1980). This was followed immediately by an AE-1. I took a twenty or so year break from photography until August, 2016 when a T6i was purchased along with four lenses covering 10mm - 300mm. What a wonderful camera! Digital processing is an order of magnitude different from the old days when my brother had a complete b/w darkroom. My wife just bought a SX60HS which is another wonderful product.


My hero has always been Ansell Adams. I follow his "straight photography" concept out the window. Ninety percent of my photos are landscapes. Living in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains makes that an easy task. Deb and I just ordered a relatively high quality negative scanner so we can digitize our old film images. Now I can shoot b/w film with the AE-1 again. Smiley Very Happy For me black and white photography is the ultimate form of the art.

"A book's a great place to hide out in" - Trevanian


Hey everyone!


My name is Dave Harding. I've been a Canon shooter for 6 years. I started off buying a T2i to shoot a music video and still have it to this day! 

Since 2012 I've been shooting with the 5DMK3...thing is a beast! I recently added magic lantern to my T2i and use it as a B camera to go along with the 5D. 


I mostly shoot videos (corporate, music, etc.) and started doing some street photography in NYC with the 5D.


I am looking forward to learning many tips and tricks to enhance my skills with the 5D.

I post my best work here:


happy to be here!



Hi Michael

Can you help me with the Utility ERROR problem I just posted?