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Frustrated with customer service


Is anyone else disgusted with the poor customer service of this company? I've had a printer not even 2 months, and it keeps disconnecting from my laptop. I'm being told after hours of technical help, that it's my antivirus. That it's blocking my printer, and that this is a common issue!!! Common to who? Why did it take so long to diagnosis then? I have to get educated on becoming a computer technician in order to get a $90 printer to work? Does anyone know of an email for customer service, preferably corperate? The web sites keep directing you to the same thing, and I'm done talking with these people. Any help?



Our technical support is not available on weekends so it sounds like you may have been in contact with a 3rd party (Canon USA support for PIXMA printers is available Monday to Friday 8AM to 8PM EST, excluding holidays). Please check out your My Canon Account for official Canon USA support options, and to make sure your printer is registered to allow for a smooth call on Monday:

I haven’t spoken to anyone today, so no 3rd party, straight Canon techs. It’s been two weeks I’ve been trying This $90 printer has about 10 hours of service time, and at least 10-15 un/reinstalls. It’s ridiculous the lack of customer service

If you provide your printer model, Computer OS, and more information about the issue you're having we can request a Product Expert follow up here on the forum. 


FWIW, I had problems with sending reports to a website. I was told to disable my ad blocker for the website.

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I have never experienced such horrible customer service. If they don't want to provide service to their customers on their products, they will go out of business. I am shocked that I can't get a human on the phone. I have wasted hours trying to solve a scanning problem from mx490 to macbook pro through forums, google search, etc. I guess they want us to just buy a new printer. I will never purchase another Canon product again.


Absolutely the worst website ever.  I could not get through to customer service , I could not find my account number, 

they say I have no account but I do.  Finding a way to get any answers should not be this hard. Absolutely would look for a different brand next time. 



Let's see if we can't get you the help or support you need.

The Canon Community is a user to user forum.  Here you will normally interact with fellow Canon users like yourself.  We are not Canon employees, just people who volunteer their time. Occasionally you will interact with Canon Product Experts. These are Canon employees who have been trained, or who might possess proficiency or knowledge in one or more of Canon's product types.  Printers, Cameras, Video or accessories are examples 

 Canon also has an official support offering. Support has multiple ways for you to get in touch.  Phone, email, and the MyCanon portal are ways to receive help.  

How about giving us a chance to help.  Tell us about your issue, identify your product and describe the issue or problem you are having.  I'll do my my best to guide or point you in the right direction, and get you some help / support.

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