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Does anyone know how to turn of Automatic Gain Control in Canon 5D mark 3 ?


Does anyone know how to turn of Automatic Gain Control in Canon 5D mark 3 ?


My Rode Mic is picking up to much gain.


Thank you !



You access this control via the camera MENU.  It is under the 4th menu with the camera symbol.  See page 236 of the user manual for details.


The default is Auto.  You need to set this to manual then set the appropriate sound level for recording.


There is a website that you might be interested in regarding Rode mic.

Diverhank's photos on Flickr

Thank you for your reply!

but i already tried that, but the hissing doesn't go away...I check your link!

Most Rode Mic's have adjustable output level controls on the back of the Mic itself. Using both the Mic and the camera controls, you should be able to set the right amount of gain.


I use Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro for recording live Music events and never have a hiss problems because the ambient noise is always quite high.


For quiet venues I would suggest to using +20db on your mic and then use manual audio gain on the camera. Turn down the camera gain as low as possible and that should greatly reduce or eliminate your hiss problem.  


The 5d Mk III has a jack for headphone monitoring which makes it easy to quickly hear which settings will work best for you. 








Mike Sowsun

Thank you for your answer.


Maybe the problem is that I don;t have the Rode SVM Pro

but this one:


which is more expensive, but it doesn't have +20DB switch and until now tried everything and no solution,

hissing sound stays amplified with every mic.


The only thing I can think of is that this mic is not compatible with this camera otherwise I have no idea.


I doubt if the internal sound of the 5D is actually usable at all for professional sound recording. Or that the 5D is not suitable for interview recording. And using a seperate recording devise would be very complicated if you are not using a sound-person.




I am new to the forum.  I have a similar problem.  I have rode mic, not pro, so don`t have any level control on the mic, only on and off.


When I use rode mic, the sound comes so deep and low.  I put audio setting in camera on manuel and increased the level to the max, but still not enough.  Build in mic gives better result.


Do I need to disable automatic gain control, but how.  There is 2.0.8 firewire in it.  Should I update it to 2.1.1?


I use canon 5D mark ii by the way.