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What is up with the Take A Survey Pop Up?

My goodness.  The Canon survey pop up is out of control.  Say no, move to a different forum and is pops up again and again.  No Thanks, No Thanks, No Thanks.  




Posted this message and boom, another one.







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Im glad someone else brought this up.  Its annoying 'as all get out' and seems futile as if anyone at Canon reads it.  I have noticed some welcomed upgrades to the site tho (after many complaints on the survey) its been a while since Ive logged on here. The frustration and lack of involvement by the moderators decreased its usefulness.  Maybe they noticed the complaints in the survey itself?  Already seeing moderators getting involved, commenting more, and answering queries.  But the survey is annoying when it seems to come up every time I log in.  Im glad it wasnt just me that noticed.  Thank you for sharing this issue out loud and bringing attention to it.  Maybe when they work out some kinks that ppl dont care for, they will actually try to improve.