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Deleted Post


I had a post deleted from the

discussion linking a bob atkins article. If you sent me an email about *why* it was deleted, I did not receive it because I can't access that email, which begs the question:

Can I change an email if I no longer have access to the old email?



Hi, kvbarkley!  We're not sure what might have happened here and we're unable to find any posts of yours that may have been deleted.  While a deletion option exists, the moderators usually don't use it; instead, when a post needs to be removed, we actually relocate it to another board that's only accessible to us.  That lets us restore anything that was put in there by mistake and right now, we don't see anything from you connected to that thread.  Individual users can also delete their own posts, though this usually obliterates the message and we can't restore it.  The easiest way to restore your message would be to type it up again and post it.  If there's something wrong with it, we'll let you know.

As for changing your email, you should be able to do that by clicking on your avatar at the top right of the page, and then choosing My Settings > Personal > Email.

Hope this helps!

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