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Suspicious collaboration email


I got a mail yesterday from 

info [dot] canonusa [dot] collabs [at] gmail [dot] com


I am _____, [Name omitted per Community Guidelines.] brand partnership manager for "Canon USA”. So we are just launching our influencer/ambassador campaign and really want you involved. We love the work that you do, we really appreciate your style and confidence. Your social media profile is great! We think our audience would find your content very interesting. We discovered you from explore page on Instagram and we also saw that you have tagged us on few of your posts and we became interested in your photography contents. You would get free monthly packages (5 items of your choice per month), your own exclusive discount code to share, shout-outs and reposts to our Instagram and website!
We will be sending you out free PR packages every month, this means you will get to show off our newest Cameras, lenses and accessories completely free with no catch! in return just tag us on your post either using or just showing off the package! You will also be getting a payment of $5000( this is because of your social media engagements) per post for a start subsequently we may increase as you grow your audience and make the best post we want to see. You will be paid via bank transfer or Zelle every time you post a shout-out of our newest brand product, wearing or showing them off on your page. We expect a maximum and minimum of ten posts from you in a month.
Note: this is a paid collaboration, and this campaign's payment will depend on your social medias engagements as it is still low but as we work together it will get a lot better. If this first 3 months goes well, we may consider making it a long term collaboration. Kindly let us know if you accept our offer and want to work with us. Thank you.
Kind regards


Canon USA
______ [Name omitted per Community Guidelines.]

Is this a scam?



Canon are EXTREMELY unlikely to use a Gmail account.  They have their own secure email servers, so I would treat this as HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS and avoid it like the plague.

cheers, TREVOR

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No large-scale company would use a gmail account.  And neither would most medium-sized ones either.

All of Canon's communications and web presence would involve,   Scammers will use all kind of tricks to include typos to trick users in clicking on links or following instructions of some kind.


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Avoid it like the plague.

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Thanks for joining the conversation, ashahire!  We can confirm that this email did not originate from Canon USA.  Official correspondence from Canon USA would come from an email address ending in "canon . com" and we advise you to exercise caution with an email like this to protect your personal and financial information.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for answering, I will keep it in my mind and also will beware of these kind of mails.

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Can you please also be sure to report this email to your email provider as a phishing attempt (or spam)? Thank you so much for your help! 🙏

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