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Coin photography setup help


Good day everyone!

It's been a long time since I last set up my camera for coin photography. I am using a copy stand and will be connecting the camera directly to my PC. The problem is that the cord I have is not long enough. Please see the photo below. I believe this is the cable that came with my 5D Mark II. I have EOS Utility installed as well as Digital Photo Professional. Anway, back to the cable. My question is whether I need to purchase a new cable that is long enough or can I just purchase an extension cable so that it can reach my PC? Does anyone know what the name of the cable is below? At least this way I can refer to it by name. Many thanks.




It is a standard mini USB cable. I suggest you get a new cable rather than an extension.

Any suggestions where?

@johnstac wrote:
Any suggestions where?

Any electronics store, most camera stores (B&H, Adorama, ...). Just be sure not to buy a cheap USB cable that is sold just for charging a cell phone; those sometimes lack data srands and would be useless to you. Fortunately, those are usually micro (not mini) USB.

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Check in to an "Active USB Extension Cables". Active USB Extension Cables basically act as a 1-portUSB hub. They are able to buffer the signals going through the USB cable to assure signal quality. That means that you can go much farther with an active USB cable than with a normal USB cable.  I have used them up to 25+ feet away easily.

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