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Canon Warranty?

I bought Canon ELPH 111 IS camera in November 2013, and took some test pictures the day I received it. I didn't use it until last week and kept it in bag on drawer almost 10 months. I found the right part of LCD was white (the left part was black) filled with several vertical color lines, Since the camera is still under warranty, so I sent it back to Canon for repair. Yesterday I received an email saying that 'Impact/pressure damage to LCD - LCD is damaged internally. Repairs are not performed on the model you sent for service, your original product will be exchanged with a service replacement.', and Canon asked for the $87.90 for a refurbished one. I paid $89 for the kits (brand new Camera+bag+8GB) when the kit was on sale. It was devastating to find a new camera so fragile (I didn't drop or had heavy item on LCD - it was in a bag all time). What can I do? Maybe I will think twice (or three times) before I buy any Canon product.


These inexpensive P&S are generally not repaired. No matter whether it was a Canon brand or someone else's brand.  It is more cost effective to replace it.

What I don't understand is, was the camera under warranty or not?  It sounds like "not" from your post.

No company will replace or repair a camera they see as having intentional or even accidential damage.  You don't expect them to, do you?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

As I said in my post, 'the camera is still under warranty' (I bought it in Nov 2013, Canon has one-year warranty that why I sent it back including the original proof of purchase).  I could understand Canon didn't want to repair it (but send me a refubished on for $88).  I didn't drop it, and the camera stayed in the bag for 10 months without usage in a draw without any distube. Well, it was up to Canon to decide that I intentionally damaged it, and I could make my decision not to buy any Canon product in the future.


Thank for replying.

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