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Why no new camera body with 1.3x crop factor from Canon???


Canon camera line up still continue to be weak, as a loyal canon user I'm bit disappointed with new introductions (I expected 7D Mark II with 1.3 crop and some 24 MP).  I see the big gap between 1.6x crop factor and full frame. There is no 1.3  crop sensors available in market from canon (except some old 1D's bodies, Correct me If I'm wrong).


I'm currently worried that will canon meet critical requirements or continue to make same rebels with different names?





Because they were able to make a FF camera that can still achieve 12 fps?  What purpose does it serve other than cropping a bit of a FF.  I'd rather have a high resolution full frame that I could crop if I want to - like the Nikon 810.  There are no lenses made for 1.3 (and thankfully so).  You can't use EF-S lenses, so all you have are EF lenses that are cropped a bit.


I don't see a gap in-between FF and 1.6.   If anything I would have taken it further the other way...  I'd have a FF camera for excellent high ISO/low noise, for portraiture, product, architectural and the like.  And a high density 2.0, like the four thirds system, but a dSLR that can take EF and EF-S mounts, for sports/action in good light.


Thank you very much for detailed explanation. It make sense


I am afraid the 1.3 crop sensors are a thing of the past.  However it does not seem to reduce the popularity by som parts of the photography genres.  "Birders" for instance are keeping used prices on 1D Mk IV's very high.  Wildlife photograpehers still seem to like them, too.


The crop factor between 1.6, 1.5, 1.3 and FF is mostly confusing to a lot of people.  They have heard of or read incorrect infomation about it.  It seems to abound. Remember the focal length of a lens does not change by using a smaller imaging circle.  The field of view is smaller because a smaller area of the image circle is used by the smaller 1.6 srnsor.  That is all.

Whether this provides any value is left up to the photographer.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!
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