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Canon P170-DH


I just got a new P170-DH for Xmas to replace my old one of the same model, which has always been my favorite. This one emits a high pitch whine when it is either on standby or turned off. No whine when there's a display on the screen. The whine is coming from underneath the calculator & will continue without stopping until I push the CE/C key to bring the display back. Anybody have any idea why it's doing this? My old one never did. I can't even turn it off to make it stop & it's extremely irritating. I've thrown the box away so I can't even return it. I'd hate to have to throw it away & go with another brand. Help!


Rising Star

Call Canon and go from there. Sending the camera in the box shouldn't be an issue unless it is specified to be sent in the original box. BTW, I have an attic full of boxes. Wife put up some boxes after Christmas. We decided to recycle boxes for TVs, etc. that are out of warranty. We save boxes until the item is out of warranty.