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Canon MP25DV adding machine high pitch noise

New Contributor

I just purchased probably my fifth Canon MP25DV over the last few years and this one is emitting a almost constant high pitch noise which is very annoying.  None of my other adding machines have ever done this.  It's going back to Staples tomorrow.  Has anyone else had an adding machine that has done this? 

I thought I could live with it but it is driving me crazy!



New Contributor
Same problem with MP11DX purchased last month. The whine goes away for a while if you shut it off & turn it back on. I am not sure if it happens when the unit is on for a while and gets warm, cause it doesn't happen first thing in the a.m. Took me two weeks to figure out what was causing the noise in my office!!

New Contributor

This is my favorite calculator and have used this model for years!  I am returning this new one TODAY because of the high pitch noise it emits when it goes into sleep mode.  1st I do not need a 7 minute sleep mode setting.  I get interrupted constantly and this is a total PAIN!