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Canon Cancelled order within 20 min waiting on my refund


Hi, I attempted to purchase the refurbished Canon EOS r6 at the beginning of the week around Monday.  I saw that they had the refurbished Canon r6 in stock for around $1399. I added to my cart and purchased, payment went through, money was taken. 20 minutes later I receive an email stating that my order was cancelled with no reason why. I called cus service, she said most likely my address on the card was different but if that was the case, the purchase would have been denied all together and the sale would have not went through. Anyway Canon took my money immediately and I'm waiting to get it back. I'm on a budge, that is the only cash I have to spend on a camera and I need that money back so I can buy another camera but I'm waiting to receive my money from Canon. I'm getting worried, I usually have a refund back in 48 hours at least, this is ridiculous, if they can take my money instantly they can at least give it back in 24 hours. I don't know if I will ever deal with Canon again, this seems kind of shady, showing in stock then cancelling my order for no known reason then having to wait days for my money back. I need my money Canon!



Many businesses work this way.  There should be either an up-front notice, or links to policies which will state when a credit card will be charged (at time of purchase, or when it actually ships).   Generating refunds, do take time.  Agreed that it's very unfortunate, but this isn't specific to Canon.

Finally, since this is only a user forum, your best best is to continue to directly work with Canon's Sale department.


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Along the same line, I had to wait three weeks for a refund on my CC.

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Is this showing as a pending charge (which will be subtracted from your available credit limit) or an actual charge?

If the merchant voided the transaction prior to settlement (when funds transfer from customer to merchant account), it should have appeared as a pending transaction for up to typically 24 hours and then disappeared.  But if settlement had already occurred, then funds were transferred and it became the same sort of transaction as if the customer had returned an item for refund and the funds transfer reversal has to go through the normal processing system between merchant, card processing network, and customer account which can easily take 5 business days even though it shouldn't.

Some credit card issuers have a policy prohibiting merchants from charging your card before the item is shipped and if that is the case for your card, then you can file a complaint with your CC issuer.  This is NOT the case with most debit cards which differ in many policy details from credit cards and one of the many good reasons not to use a debit card except for withdrawing money from your bank ATM.


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Thanks for the info. I also want to know it.

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