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Canon 6D OR Rebel T4i?


I hve been taking pictures for about 30 years as a photo enthusiast. I currently own an EOS rebel 450 D, along with a 10-22 EF-S F 3.5/4.5 USM and a 70-200 EF Zoom. I  am going to Hawaii next month and have to make a decision as to what camera I will purchase. as an upgrade. I looked at the rebel 4Ti but I am also thinking about the canon 6D. I have never used a full frame before but I want to get more serious and think this could be an interesting option. I was going to get the lens kit of 24-105 EF.  I would appreciate suggestion from the other photographers out there. Thanks. Barb


You might want to take a look at the 7D, and after reading the stats have a look at this.