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Canon 10 X 30 IS Binoculars - sticky Rubber Coating


I have a 10 X 30 IS binocular [serial number deleted for privacy].  The rubberized coating is disintegrating and has become very sticky.  I see others have had this problem with other high end models.  How do I improve the condition or get them repaired?  They work perfectly but are very uncomfortable to use.


I bought a 60w UV light on Amazon for less than 20 minutes and am now starting the 24 hour process with alum foil reflector.  I’ll reply with results within 7 days.  Wish me luck 🙂  

* bought for under $20 on Amazon.  (typo) 

I hope it works for you!  Share the model number and wattage of the lamp if available.

RE: 12x36 IS III  - The Ultra Violet light process did not work for me.  It is still sticky.


I also have a pair of Canon 10 x 30 IS binoculars and the rubber on them has become very tar like and sticky. The sticky rubber comes off on my hands, making using the binoculars a very unpleasant experience. This seems to be a common problem with these binoculars. Does anyone know if the Canon IS II 10 x 30 suffers in the same way?

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