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CANON iMAGE GATEWAY can't access


Jan 04 2014 is CANON iMAGE GATEWAY working?  Tried for a half hour...



Hi john44930!


Thanks for posting about the Canon iMage Gateway.


The Canon iMage Gateway was down for planned maintenance over the weekend.  It should now be up and working again.


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Having the same problem, it says :
"An unexpected error has occurred.
Please log in again.
This window may be displayed when you press a button twice, open a new window using browser functionality, or at other times depending on your browser."
Does that mean it is something going on with the web or my account?

Just registered my SX700 and am having the same problem. I've tried different browsers and different computers.

I am RickWat and I am having the same problem. I did contact Richard, Canon Technical Support Representative at "Canon Support - EOS Camera".  AS of 19 June 2014 at 6:09 PM Richard Replied to me that: 


"Thank you for contacting Canon product support regarding your access to the Canon iMAGE Gateway.  I can understand how frustrating this can be.


The Canon iMAGE Gateway is currently unavailable.  The Canon Web Development Team is working to resolve this issue.  Unfortunately, we don't have an estimate for its return to service.  I regret the inconvenience this causes.

I recommend trying the Canon iMAGE Gateway again in a few hours.


Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance with your Canon camera.  Thank you for choosing Canon.



Technical Support Representative"


It is now two days later, 21 June 2014 at 4:10PM EDT, and I see the iIMAGE Gatewat is still not working.

I've been having this problem since I bought my PowershotA1400 6 MONTHS AGO, and STILL no  resolution.


I can log in to the Forum with no problem, but whenever I go to the CanonUSA homepage, and  click on "Log in",  I get the following:


the https has a red line through it and the page says, "Server presented an expired (security)certificate" 


So, what gives? Is the Canon website secure, or isn't it? What am I doing wrong?



I am using XP, Google Chrome, and Norton , and also Comcast is my service provider. All are up to date. 


I like my camera, but it concerns me that I am unable to access ImageGateway and other features of the website.


Can anyone help? 

the Canon iMage Gateway is unreliable and idiotically designed - it really makes me sorry that I bought a Canon with wifi

I re-registered my camera, and STILL can't access ImageGateway. I'm still getting an "ERROR" message when I try to login.


I'm very sorry I bought a Canon.

Finally got it working but am VERY disappointed at the functionality and unreliability.


I'll just use my dependable and easy Eye-Fi card.

It is down again, at least yesterday and today.


I would never consider using it, but the Wi-Fi feature of my Camera requires it.


I'm thinking I should return the camera and buy a different  make.  This is really stupid, require customers to use a web site that they cannot keep up and running!

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