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Cannot login to, login OK for


I cannot login to using the same credentials for

I try to reset password, I get reset link in email, but it tells me "There's been a problem" which is about as helpful as someone giving me a roll of film when my SD card gets full.


Okay, fine... so I try to create a new account just to make sure but it confirms the account already exists for the email address "... This email address has already been used to access services now using Canon ID or you already have an account. Not sure what to do? You can request a password reset link and we’ll guide you through the next steps. ..."

I already tried reset and you can see how well the intelligent SSO AI guided me... right to an ambiguous message.

I can access and login to Canon USA without issue. While the myid site seems to know of my email address, it does not allow me to login for whatever reason.

I was just trying to see if I could use the neural image processing for one month to see what it was like, compare it to another non-Canon "AI" enhancing product ... but Canon's myid prevents me from gaining access. It would be great to try Canon's product once the Canon website, myid and SSO are all fixed. Thanks.

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