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Back up camera to my 60D


Hello All,


   I currently shoot with a canon 60D and I love it. I am looking at getting a second camera for a back up. I want to stay away from the rebel series and was looking at used 40D or 50D. wondering if anyone has any advise? Look forward to the help.






Why not another 60D?


Are you shooting weddings?  Why the need for a backup?

I have am looking to not spend alot of this. Ifi am goign to spend the money for a 60D i would upgrade to a full frame camera. the reason for wanting a back up camera is... I have worked in the video Production industry for many years and i know technology will malfunction at the worst of times. Always a plus to have a back up camera.

Ok.  A refurbished 60D body from Canon is $600, how much are you looking to spend?  If a 60D is too much then that really limits you to either 40/50D or the Rebel line, which you want to stay away from, so you kind of answered your own question.  Why do you want to stay away from the Rebel line?  Stigma?  I think the latest offering are quite good for the price, though as I said... you could get a refurb 60D for that cost.

as i mentioned in my first post i am looking for feed back on the canon 40D and 50D. I can get a used 40D locally for $350 or a 50D for slightly more. I am looking to find out peoples opinion on them to see if they are worth the purchase.



Ok.  Sorry I couldn't help.


It's always a great idea to back up.  There's too many situations out there where many feel comfortable with 1 body, but when the worse happens, everything goes downhill from there.  Ex.  Driving or flying across the globe on a vacation and the camera fails or on a live photo shoot for a client and the camera starts to spit out errors.  You're definitely heading the right direction, since you are in the film business, but do you need another video capable body? or is this mainly for stills?


I've owned 40d and 50d before and the change isn't as big as the 30D to 40D.. The frame rate is different by a hairpin, but I would be very happy with a 40D back up if there's a huge price difference.


Hope this helps!