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Advice to help me buy the best camera.


Hello everyone, I am a new member, very happy to be on such a large forum, I hope to receive your attention. My purpose here is to find and refer to the best camera to go on a trip with my family in the near future, to capture beautiful moments with loved ones. Please help me sincerely, please advise.




Before we can make any type of recommendations, we will need to know your budget?


Do you have any photography experience or own any equipment now?


Do you want a simple point and shoot camera, or one that offers the flexibility of using different lenses?



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Agreed that we'd need to understand your budget, but here are a couple questions you can also ask yourself:


  • How important is it for the camera to be as small and light as possible?
  • Do you plan to use the camera for things other than your vacations with family?

Having said that, I can share my own journey with cameras which did start with the desire to capture family moments:


Many years ago, I always just had a point-and-shoot.  It was very convenient being so small.  I had no photography experience, so all my subjects were always centered in the frame.   All I'd do was to center the subject, and click.   While this was easy, I usually was not happy with the results.   The camera was making all the decisions of settings to use.  And I didn't bother to learn if I could make any settings choices.  Not sure why.


In 2013, I picked up my first DSLR (a Rebel T4i).  Started to finally learn photography.  When taking it on our first vacation, I didn't capture nearly as many photos as with the point-and-shoot, but the quality was much much better.  Not just image quality, but I started to do much better with composition.   I had also done some long exposure images which I really had fun with.


Today, I use a 5D IV.  I'm continuing to teach myself photography and wanted a very flexible and robust system.  I have taken it on vacations and look forward to hopefully next year to travel again.


In summary, there are definitely tradeoffs to consider.


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It would help if you could let the forum know the things that are the most important ("best") for you in a camera. They could be for example:


- best camera for below $500,

- best camera to learn photography,

- best camera to take pictures without having to learn photography,

- best camera for reliability and durability,

- best camera for landscape,

- etc.



Going on just what little info provided on your query the Rebel T8i is the best all around choice for a beginner. It is also very attractively priced for what it offers. It is a full featured camera and the included kit lens will do a great deal of everything you want on a vacation.

The close equivalent in the new mirroeless technology will cost several times more but in the very long term it is probably the best choice.


There is also the super good EOS 90D.  Almost a pro level camera which will take you far into the photography hobby. But check out the Rebel T8i first.  Best choice!

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Ignore all of the welli-intentioned advice you were given previously. You will end up thoroughly frustrated on your family trip. Get yourself a Canon PowerShot Elph 190 or 360 or a PowerShot SX model. Enjoy your trip. 

"You will end up thoroughly frustrated on your family trip."


The Rebel T8i has a fully automatic mode that anyone can use instantly. At least as fast as they can a Powershot. If a person has no further notion to go on to bigger and better and deeper into photography the T8i will do that.  A Powershot won't!

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!
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