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Which camera models can save to a computer in real time?

Hopefully this is an easy question...


There are so many camera options and I'm a bit confused about which to look at. I'm trying to get a camera that can save to a USB connected computer whenever I snap a picture. So, I guess this means in realtime? I read that the computer will have to run the EOS software. Anyhow, which models are capable of saving to the computer at the same time as the pictures are taken? Is it any camera with EOS in the fine print??


Thanks in advance!!!



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Re: Which camera models can save to a computer in real time?

All Canon EOS cameras currently sold support this.  You must run software on your computer that supports "tethered" shooting.


Canon's "EOS Utility" supports this.

Adobe Lightroom supports this.

Kuuvik Capture supports this.


I'm sure there are many others.


You'll also probably want a longer tethered shoting cable (you can pick up a 15' tethered shooting USB cable for less than $10).


IMPORTANT:  If you use a "WiFi" equipped camera, please note that the camera can only support ONE connection method at a time.  Disable the WiFi feature to use the USB method.  (USB is disabled if you turn on WiFi).



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