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Firing multiple cameras

Any suggestions on how to fire multiple EOS cameras at once? I wanting to set up a mini version (10 cameras or less) of bullet time to shoot some athletes. I found a diagram where the Ground, AF and Shutter Release sections of the plugs were connected in series through "Y" adapters, but it seems to me connecting a series like that would increase the voltage through the plug with every additional camera. Without knowing all the specs on the cameras internals, I'm not comfortable just throwing that together. I could build a multi-switch and problem solved, but I don't want to re-invent the wheel if some of you guys already know the best way to do what I'm trying to do. Have any of you experimented or have experience with multiple firing like that? Any info you can provide would be most helpful.





P.S. Oh and an infrared remote is not an option because not all the cameras have sensors and even if they did, I won't have a clear line of sight on them all anyway. I need to hard line them.

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