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Controlling Multiple Cameras with an iPad app or Macbook Pro


In my case, the camera of interest is a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, I'd buy or rent the other matching cameras.

I'd like to be able to setup each camera, view live image and simultaneously fire all of them, ideally, from a single iOS based app or Macbook Pro if that was available. I know that Canon Camera Connect can make this happen on a single camera, but not on multiple cameras.

There is an example of this and Canon makes it, but its only on an iPhone and my camera is not compatible. The Canon Multi-Camera Control App seems to be intended for multi camera video shoots. The fact that it controls 4 cameras in much the same way as my interests did give me hope, so close, yet so far away.

In certain applications, such as the Matrix movies, this is referred to as 'bullet time.' Unfortunately most of theses types of remote, multi camera firing systems just trigger, no individual camera setup controls. There is a perfect one, the Breeze, but it is only compatible with Windows.

My usage and intended outcomes are different but the same technology could be applied if it was compatible with my cameras and computers, – provided the same controls.

Has anyone come across applicable technologies? Much thanks.

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This would probably need to be a custom solution. Doubtful that Canon would create one for multiple stills cameras. About all I can recommend is to check out Canon’s SDKs. Though you’d need to go to a relevant forum if needing help with it. This set of forums is for end-user equipment and not for custom software solutions.


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If you are going to rent the cameras anyway then would it also make sense to rent a windows computer and use the Breeze software you mentioned? This means you don't need to engineer a fresh solution.

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